Triton (PC)


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PC Platform Triton was a Swedish based, short time active demogroup working on the PC. They released two demos in their short existence but also a music tracker for the PC – and not just any tracker – This was … Continue reading

MasterPlayer tracks (PC)


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PC Platform Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Peter Andersen, Peter Jørgensen and Thomas Canell. I do hope that this is the complete list of composers and that “unknown” is one of … Continue reading

Roland SMF Player


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PC platform Back in the beginning of 1990’s, my two old friends Peter Andersen and Lars Toft made a program, a Standard Midi File player, for Roland. The program was the Roland Standard Midi File Player (!) or ‘Roland SMF … Continue reading

Karsten Koch

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Karsten Koch.

On your way around the web, you’ll stumble across all sorts of cover versions of chip music, of a very variable quality. Back in the middle of the 90’s we came across a cover version that even today, still amazes me. It was a cover/remix of Chronologie, part 4 made by Karsten Koch.

I do believe that this version once was played in the background in a TV program on Danish television, and everybody thought that this was the original version by Jean Michel Jarre. But no, this was the Karsten Koch Stream Tracker version.

Source of inspiration and material: Hornet Archive


MasterPlayer is an Adlib and OPL3 music & sound editor for the PC, created by my good friend Peter Jørgensen back around 1994 – 1997. I only contributed to the program creation with some design suggestions and some “character-graphics” – that was created in the ANSI/ASCII text-editor program ‘TheDraw‘.

My work

Most of my tracks made in ‘MasterPlayer’ was remakes of the old ‘Editor’ scores from Amiga. Most of the converted songs was batch converted and done over a single week. The original songs all contained samples – that was the standard on the Amiga – but not in ‘MasterPlayer’. This all meaning that I haven’t been able to transfer the mood nor the feeling from the original song to the new song.

I did create some brand new tracks in MasterPlayer, though.

Original Amiga recordings: @YouTube