20th Year Anniversary :: 15 Minutes of fun


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This December, it will be 20 years since, I created the ‘Christmas Party mix’ a.k.a ‘15 Minutes of fun in 1999‘ in ‘John’s room’ in Måløv. Backstory For a while, I’ve had the idea to replace all the .mp3 music … Continue reading

Mr Vain (Remix)


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This Mr. Vain remix was made, by my good friend Peter J, many years ago (1998). The original track is made by Culture Beat, with the late Torsten Fenslau in front, and was released in 1993, shortly before his death. … Continue reading

Kraftwerk – Digital welt (Remix)


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The re-worked version of Electronischer welt – now, in a crisp brand-new digital version – called Digital welt (German version). Update I’ve listened this remix through a few thousand times, and every time I was a bit annoyed. There were … Continue reading

Digital welt tracklist details

The tracklist from the Kraftwerk ‘Digital welt’ project, for anyone who might be interested.

Tracklist notes

# Name Album Version BPM
1 Boing Boom Tschak Electric Café LP 122
2 Electric Café Electric Café LP 122
3 Heimcomputer Computerwelt LP 120
4 Heimcomputer The Mix LP 120
5 Radio-Activität The Mix LP 120
6 Techno Pop Electric Café LP 116
7 Metall auf Metall Trans Europe Express LP 116
8 Musique Non-Stop Electric Café LP 120
9 Das Modell Die Mensch-Maschine LP 120
10 Sex Objekt Electric Café LP 122
11 Computerwelt Computerwelt LP 124
12 Die Robotter Die Mensch-Maschine LP 122

Various Artists – Servant & Re-Mastermix (Remix)


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The completed re-worked Servant and Mastermix now called Servant and Re-Mastermix. I have now discovered that the original Servant and Mastermix was made by MegaMiXers. In the Links section further below, I have supplied some relevant links. Detail To get … Continue reading

Servant and Re-Mastermix project final


After a brief detour, away from the remix project, it is now done – or as done as I’ll need it to be.


As mentioned in a previous post, I only stumbled upon two minor problems:

  • At the end of the ‘Get The Balance Right‘ track, there originally is a percussions part that I haven’t been able to find. At a point I thought that ‘Why’ (Remix), by ‘Bronski Beat‘ had the last part, but that was a dead end. I ended up replacing the percussions part, with a part from ‘Why’, by ‘Bronski Beat
  • Almost at the end of ‘Goodbye 70’s’ there is a echo of ‘Fashion War’ – the last line of the verse. I wasn’t able to reproduce this part in a satisfactory way, so this part has been omitted, unfortunately

Besides the two minor problems, the work with the remix went really smooth. There was of course all the hard work finding the correct parts of ‘Situation’ …

If I was to step back for a moment and look at the remix in detail; the first half of the remix is quite brilliant (cut/fade/overlay) but the last part is a bit dull.
It is as if, someone who really loves the music did the first part but the last part was finished by someone else – in a real hurry. And that is a shame.

Tools used

There has been used only one or two digital effects on the track.

For your CD shelf or iTunes

To obtain your own copy of Servant and Re-Mastermix, please visit the Remix section or just click here

Servant and Re-Mastermix tracklist details

The tracklist from the ‘Servant and Re-Mastermix’ project, for anyone who might be interested.

Tracklist notes

  • 1 The percussions (@ end of Get The Balance Right) is not correct, but I wasn’t able to locate the correct artist and part – this part is replaced with a small section from Bronski Beat – Why
  • 2 Fashion War echo (@ end of Goodbye 70’s) has not been recreated







1 Depeche Mode Monument A Broken Frame LP 108
2 Yazoo State Farm In your room Extended 111
3 Yazoo Situation In your room Re-Recorded Remix/US 12″ 116
4 Depeche Mode Shout New Life Rio mix 120
5 Depeche Mode Leave In Silence A Broken Frame Quieter/Longer 120
6 Depeche Mode People are People Some Great Reward Different mix 120
7 Depeche Mode Puppets Speak and Spell LP 122
8 Depeche Mode Nodisco Speak and Spell LP 127
9 Depeche Mode (Set me Free) Remotivate Me Master and Servant Release mix 127
10 Depeche Mode Master & Servant Some Great Reward Slavery Whip mix 122
11 Yazoo Don’t Go Upstairs At Eric’s Re-mix/Re-Re mix 124
12 Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough Speak and Spell LP 125
13 Depeche Mode Get The Balance Right Get the Balance Right Combination mix 128
14 Bronski Beat Why1 The Age of Consent 12″ 128
15 Yazoo Goodbye 70’s2 Upstairs At Eric’s LP 131
16 Depeche Mode Boys Say Go Speak and Spell LP 136
17 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy The Age of Consent LP 136
18 Depeche Mode Big Muff Speak and Spell LP 136
19 Depeche Mode Photographic Speak and Spell LP 144
20 Depeche Mode New Life Speak and Spell Single 150

New remix project (part V)


The last Progress update of the Servant and Re-Mastermix project.

The remix is all put together and the sound mix is in Progress. It’s a slow and time consuming process, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

But, don’t worry – there is still two parts. And as always – still in their raw state.



New remix project (part IV)


Another update on the Progress of the Servant and Re-Mastermix project.

I never really liked ‘Situation’ by Yazoo, and to work with the song, hour after hour, doesn’t improve that relationship. I don’t think my neighbors likes the song anymore …

But I still have a few new parts ready – still in their raw state.



New remix project (part III)


I’ve worked on the mix for a few days now, and are making good progress.

The original track is cut into appropriate pieces, in Adobe Audition, and afterwards put together again in Sony Acid Music Studio 10.0.

I have a few parts ready, and these are posted below.



New remix project (part II)


The original Servant and Mastermix consists of 12 songs – divided into 17 parts, beginning at 108 BPM and finishing off at 150 BPM. Luckily, most of the tracks used are album and single tracks and easy to come by.

As work progresses, I’ll post a few before/after bits of the mix, even though the ‘after’ bits aren’t finished yet and is still missing a volume mix and also a finishing touch.

Track listing

Kraftwerk – Electronischer welt (Remix)


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For many years now, I thought that this mix was a lost cause. I still had the original Acid Pro project file of the mix, but I no longer had the Sonic Foundry Acid Pro software, nor a computer with … Continue reading

Remixing State of Mind

As long as I can remember, I have made my own mix and remix of the music that I love. It all started with two cassette decks back in the 80’s, all inspired by my classmate Lars and his cut-mix of Renegades of Funk by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, that he did on his parents brand new Philips D8644 Ghettoblaster – The one with the wooden speakers.

My first cut-mix was a track from the Street Sounds Electro 1 record – or something like that – but I don’t remember the title of the track anymore. Later, I did cut-mix of Paul Hardcastle19, FreeezI.O.U, BaltimoraTarzan Boy, Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast and a lot of other artists, all songs I loved back then. In essence I used the parts that I liked – extended them and switched the playing order – and left out parts that I didn’t like. Everything was played of one cassette deck and was recorded onto the other. All the cut-mix was one artist only.

Later my good old friend Peter A and I, made a few mix using two home stereo turntables and a lousy 4 channel mixer – that worked – most of the times. We only did one successful live mix on the turntables and the only one that were recorded onto audio cassette. It was a Hip Hop mix that included artists like Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Mantronix, LL Cool J, Doug E Fresh and more.


Most of the old mix/remix I’ve posted, was created with Sonic Foundry Acid Pro. Before using Acid Pro, we used SAW (Software Audio Workshop), possible SAWStudio but I’m not sure. SAW is much like Acid Pro, in the way you arrange your samples. SAW is designed and developed by Bob Lentini, RML Labs, and is still available for purchase on the webside.

Acid Pro was originally created by Sonic Foundry hence the name “Sonic Foundry Acid Pro”, but was later assimilated by Sony Creative Software. The cool thing thou, is that Sony let’s you download a full, 30 day trail copy of Acid Pro. So if you ever are thinking of making a mix/remix, yourself, Acid Pro is the software for you. It’s almost as easy as ‘painting by numbers’.

Today I use Acid Music Studio version 10, and it works perfect, but it is still possible to get Acid Pro.


All samples used, were sliced into smaller bits with Cool Edit Pro. The only other decent sample edit software tool, at that time, was Steinberg WaveLab, but I remember this software was quite impossible to use – I gave up trying to understand it, I think.

Cool Edit Pro was originally created by Syntrillium Software, but at some point, was sold off to Adobe, and is now a Digital Audio Workstation product in the Adobe Systems portfolio. Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audiotion.

Depeche Mode – In your Mercy (Remix)


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This homemade Depeche Mode mix was made in the sometime before the year 2000, of several Depeche Mode tracks, including: Barrel of a Gun, Higher Love, In Your Room, It’s no Good, Mercy in You, Useless and Walking in my … Continue reading