Prelude to the Intro

Commodore Amiga platform

Disclaimer: This article series doesn’t define the history of the intro/demo/megademo, for neither the Amiga nor any other platform. This is the point of view, I have chosen to write the article series, and in a way I lived it. Your experience may vary.

In the beginning

I remember the first time I heard real samples played on the Amiga. It was at a friend’s house, and he had got his hands on a floppy disk from ‘Red Sector’ or was it from ‘Doctor Mabuse Orgasm Cracking’. I can’t remember, but I do remember that the sampled piece of music was ‘Flesh for Fantasy‘ by ‘Billy Idol‘. It sounded incredible. To think that this was possible, and you could do this at home – I was stunned!

In retrospect, the sampled Billy Idol song, was a bit like cheating.

The song was divided into smaller pieces that could be put together, by typing the name of the sample in CLi. The sampled pieces were named 1a, 2b, 3a, 3a, 3b and so forth.

Later we got the ‘Doctor Mabuse Orgasm Cracking’ music disk (musicpack) with Amegas, Crystal Hammer and Rallye Master all made by Karsten Obarski and we knew that this was the way to go, and this was, what we wanted to create.

And this was the start on a journey of demo-creating and music-making.

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