Machinae Supremacy

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Machinae Supremacy.

This cover version is a bit different from the original version by the great Chris Hülsbeck.

I especially like the beginning of the song. At first it sounds as a regular chiptune, but then it continues a bit harder – SID Metal – what a great concept.

An Ode to Tribute

When you do a tribute, cover or even a remix of an other artists song, I believe that, you have to honor and respect the originality, feel and expression of that track. By this I mean, that you have to take it to another level, and not just “do your own shit” of it.

All to many cover versions and tributes butchers the originality in those songs. Not just in your everyday music but also in the chiptune community.

That being said … I have gathered some cover songs from different artists, which I believe live up to being a great cover version and a tribute to the original song. Your opinion may differ