Machinae Supremacy

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Machinae Supremacy.

This cover version is a bit different from the original version by the great Chris Hülsbeck.

I especially like the beginning of the song. At first it sounds as a regular chiptune, but then it continues a bit harder – SID Metal – what a great concept.

Chris Hülsbeck

First time I heard music by Chris Hülsbeck was in the game ‘The Great Giana Sisters‘. I think most owners of an Amiga, know that game. Chris Hülsbeck was the new generation of musicians, with a completely new and exciting sound.

After ‘The Great Giana Sisters‘, Chris Hülsbeck made a whole lot of other music scores for other games, like R-Type, Turrican, X-Out & Z-Out and many many more.

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Source of inspiration and material: HVSC (de), Wikipedia & LemonAmiga