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For the past month or two, I’ve been thinking about making a DYI Arcade cabinet/machine to play all the old games from my childhood. After doing some YouTube and Google “research” – and a bit more thinking and then some more thinking and also thinking about where to put this monster, I’ve realized this was a stupid idea.

It all started as a kid

I wanted to be able to play the old games, found in the Video Arcades around where I lived as a kid, in my own living room. Correction, the “Video Arcade” that I knew of as a kid, translates mostly into a dingy and greasy “Grill Bar’s” (not a Grill & Bar, but more like a deep-fried-greased variation of a small Diner, I would think) where the owner had placed one or two Arcade cabinets in the far most corner.

The only real Video Arcades I remember from my childhood was in the two amusement parks in the Copenhagen area: Bakken (Dyrehavsbakken) in Klampenborg and Tivoli in the center of Copenhagen and the one smaller Video Arcade on the main shopping street in Copenhagen called Strøget – a very suspicious place – not Strøget – the small Video Arcade.

It’s all about the Music

But, event though I no longer want to build my own Arcade machine, it doesn’t prevent me and others from enjoying all the great music from all these magic games.

I will gather music from some of the games that I remember from when I was a kid – and I’ll say it now: Some of the songs is from the very beginning of the video games era then “music” could be just a sequence of beeps or plain and simple noise, and also, I’ll use the title images (where possible) in the original resolution (!) taken from the game. For this, I apologies.

Our Run agian and again and …

Originally, I was thinking of adding these tracks to my new Out Run article as I’ve found a new sound-source, but as the tracks aren’t the originals I ended up putting them here, for all to enjoy.

The ‘Cruising line’ song wasn’t part of the original Out Run game version, but was added to the Nintendo 3DS – 3D Out Run version released in 2014.

The original Out Run scores was created by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and the two new Nintendo 3DS songs was created by Manabu Namiki and Jane-Evelyn Nisperos a.k.a Jaelyn Nisperos a.k.a Chibi-Tech, but her song ‘Camino a Mi Amor’ wasn’t available in an extended version, so this will only be in the new Out Run article

The Cruising Line song was added to the source by ctr and the Extended versions was created by Valley Bell – much appreciated

Further reading

The original

Source of inspiration and material: VGMrips

Out Run (Arcade)


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The Original

A lot of home computer (C64, Amiga, Atari ST) games are based on official arcade (coin-up) versions, and then ported/converted to the home computer, limited by its capabilities of course.

This also includes the game music. In some games, the music is converted true to the original game music (as possible) and in other games, the music is made from a interpretation of the original game music.

The list of games that have been converted from a arcade version includes:

The list would almost be endless but I’ve limited it to contain games I either played when young or have posted on this site.

Instant Remedy


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