20th Year Anniversary :: 15 Minutes of fun


This December, it will be 20 years since, I sat in ‘John’s room’ creating the ‘Christmas Party mix’ a.k.a ‘15 Minutes of fun in 1999‘. Backstory For a while, I’ve had the idea to replace all the .mp3 music on … Continue reading

Mr Vain (Remix)


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This Mr. Vain remix was made, by my good friend Peter J, many years ago (1998). The original track is made by Culture Beat, with the late Torsten Fenslau in front, and was released in 1993, shortly before his death. … Continue reading

Another way!


Currently, I have 25Gb of space at one.com, and I thought that it would be fun to use up all of the space, now that I paying anyway. So, I’ve come up with the idea to replace all the .mp3 files on this site with .wav, files and also to get a better quality.

Who to pick

The battle is between Paul van der Valk (with Hybris) and Ron Klaren (with Battle Squardon), and I thinking of choosing Hybris as the first title to re-export or re-grab, because I won’t deflate the .mp3‘s hence the quality loss.

As I run through all the posts, replacing the files, I’ve decided to only do “one-shot” and also removing jingles and sound effects (most of the files that’s less that 60 seconds).

Stay tuned.

Kraftwerk – Digital welt (Remix)


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The re-worked version of Electronischer welt – now, in a crisp brand-new digital version – called Digital welt (German version). Update I’ve listened this remix through a few thousand times, and every time I was a bit annoyed. There were … Continue reading

Digital welt tracklist details

The tracklist from the Kraftwerk ‘Digital welt’ project, for anyone who might be interested.

Tracklist notes

# Name Album Version BPM
1 Boing Boom Tschak Electric Café LP 122
2 Electric Café Electric Café LP 122
3 Heimcomputer Computerwelt LP 120
4 Heimcomputer The Mix LP 120
5 Radio-Activität The Mix LP 120
6 Techno Pop Electric Café LP 116
7 Metall auf Metall Trans Europe Express LP 116
8 Musique Non-Stop Electric Café LP 120
9 Das Modell Die Mensch-Maschine LP 120
10 Sex Objekt Electric Café LP 122
11 Computerwelt Computerwelt LP 124
12 Die Robotter Die Mensch-Maschine LP 122