Chris Abbott

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Chris Abbott.

I’ve heard the name Chris Abbott associated with C64 songs before, but not as a composer. The CD, Back in Time (BIT), from C64Audio, which contains brand new (from 1998) alternate versions, of old famous chiptunes, are 13 out of 15 arranged by Chris Abbott – and it’s a pretty good job!

I’ve added the comments from the mp3 songs, I’ve have uploaded.

Sanxion‘ (2000): “Uploaded by Chris Abbott. Actually the BIT++ version, this was the version of Sanxion that was later “butchered” into the Karma64 version (great dance version, we always thought!). It’s pretty authentic, and as such represents the ultimate evolution of the BIT1 version of Sanxion. The floating lead at the beginning comes from the Korg Z1 which I sold to Michael Delaney :) The Jarre Zoolook bits were borrowed from Moog’s version, which had this bit in. Inspired, Moog!”

Thing on a Spring‘ (1999): “Actually, a version of the original Back in Time 1 track file, improved sonically. As there’s no Thing on a Spring on RKO, it seemed a shame this nice version was hanging around on Kenz’s great BIT3 CD-ROM. Plus some of the other files attached to my name aren’t attracting great marks (time has, unfortunately taken its toll on them, though I still think they’re comfortable rather than flashy). Anyway, enjoy this seminal piece. There’s really only one way to cover it, and this is it.”