Xbox Original, part III

This is the 3rd part in the two part series of the Xbox repair.

The story continues …

The list from part II, did require some sort of documentation or drawing in order to keep track of the locations and replacements of the capacitors – and so it shall be.

I took some time researching the web for drawings – and found – nothing. Then I researched for software to be able to document PCB‘s – and that sucked too. I did find Autodesk’s EAGLE, but this would require me to start with the diagram for the logic part and then be able to place the components “on” the PCB – just too time consuming.

As I wasn’t able to find an easy solution (didn’t find anyone who already had made the PCB drawings) the only logical conclusion: Make it your myself, then share.

Finally, I found this guy: PCB-RE. He uses Microsoft Visio for his PCB documentation, and if you know anything about Microsoft Visio, you know he is right.

So, below find my drawings in PDF and in VSDx‘s file format.

Drawings in PDF

Downloads (vsdx/zip)

Further reading