Do-it-your-self MasterPlayer

It is possible to download the MasterPlayer for your PC, and thus travel back to a simpler time.

BUT since Microsoft Windows is aiming for world domination, and leaving the old DOS behind, you have to run MasterPlayer through DOSBox.

Facts: MasterPlayer was created/coded by Peter Jørgensen in the years 1994-1997 in a small apartment in Rødovre, Denmark, while a large number of pizza No.29 from ‘Langshusets Pizzaria’ was consumed.

All you need is:

  • DOSbox – DOS emulator
  • MasterPlayer, Lite (July 2011) – MasterPlayer incl. ‘Blinded by You (2009)’, ‘Ascertain (2009)’, ‘All up to You (2011)’, ‘Out 4 You (2011)’, a few sounds from ‘Out for You’ and a short manual
  • MasterPlayer, Full (March 2011) – MasterPlayer incl. manual, scores and sounds

Just install DOSbox, download the wanted MasterPlayer, unpack the downloaded ZIP file and you are ready to go!