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Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Koji Kondo.

When I initially started this site, I wanted to present (or share) the music that I grew up with and love – from both games and demos of all the different home computer systems I’ve come across since my childhood. But I’ve recently discovered that by focusing on the home computer systems, I’ve left out the platform that may hold the greatest and most famous game tunes – if not the greatest – ever created.

This platform is of course the great Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the game – or games – are the Super Mario Bros. series.


I’ve recently posted an article on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Donkey Kong Country game series and the music within, that I had been working on for many years and sometime after starting THAT article, I started THIS article, because I got my hands on a NES console. Along with this console, I also bought a handful of games, including Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 as it would be foolish to have a NES and not the greatest games for that particular console.

Game music from ‘Super Mario Bros.‘. Game was created by Nintendo R&D4 and published in 1985 by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

And now

If you frequent the chiptune community you will know that Nintendo devices often are used, maybe not the NES or SNES, but the newer devices, like the Game Boy, and this may be for the original clean and unspoiled 8-bit sound that the Nintendo holds, and that it is sooo cool to use a Nintendo as a musical instrument.

Besides the great sound from the Nintendo itself, the Nintendo console or Nintendo company also have been gifted with some great musicians, but this is for another article.

From Videospilbutikken

When looking into the story behind the games and music for Super Mario Bros. you will discover that their story, with the almost assembly style of making music, channel- and memory limitations, is identical when making music, as it was in the beginning of the home computer systems like the Commodore 64 and later systems.

Game music from ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’. Game was created by Nintendo R&D4 and published in 1985 by Nintendo Co., Ltd.


The Super Mario brand grew very popular and in the late 1989 it resulted in a TV show, titled Super Mario Brothers Super Show that included the Mario dance “Do the Mario!“.

In 1993 the Super Mario Bros. movie came out – and this may have been the beginning of the end.

List of wanted games

A short list of the games on my wish list.

Bionic CommandoBomberman
Boulder DashBubble Bobble
CommandoDonkey Kong
Dr. MarioGhost ‘n Goblins
Kung FuLegend of Zelda, The
Mega ManSuper Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Bros. 3
Road Fighter


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