98% complete

Back in late December 2018, I started on a journey to re-record all the music on my site, from the inferior .mp3 format to the .wav format to use up my 25Gb of space and at the same time improve the sound quality. Since then a few things have changed:

  • My 25Gb of space is now 50Gb (41,5Gb used)
  • After a while, I forgot about my ‘one-shot’ rule
  • I also forgot about the less than 60 seconds rule
  • My favorite audio editing tool Adobe Audition version 3, stopped working around Windows 10 update 20H221H1‘ish
  • Apparently there doesn’t exist a decent audio editing tool:
    • a light weight and responsive program without to much “glue’ing”
    • with simple mark, zoom, edit and cut functionality
    • with features or add-ons to fade, mix and normalize – without the need of a higher technical exam
    • without the enforcement of a useless multi track feature
    • and without the need for cloud enabling
  • And lastly, a number of new sound file formats has emerged with improved sound quality

And a new exception

Some of the music files won’t be available in the .wav file format, as these are available as compilation CD’s for purchase. Currently, these are the artists that will remain in .mp3 file format:

  • Chris Abbott
  • Instant Remedy
  • Machinae Supremacy

Okay, I also have to confess that I haven’t been able to find the original sound source files so I still only have the original .mp3 files available

The articles will be available soon – and then linked.


I’ve been through a number of different software and the closest to success was Sound Forge Audio Studio, but the zoom and mark functionality was useless at best. For some reason complexity is a keyword as musicians apparently don’t need to be effective with their productions.

For the time being I have to settle with Audacity, a free tool for somewhat manageable audio file manipulation – but I at least know why it is free – dreadful program.

I will keep looking and maybe change my criteria for success …