Another way!


Currently, I have 25Gb of space at, and I thought that it would be fun to use up all of the space, now that I’m paying anyway. So, I’ve come up with the idea to replace all the .mp3 files on this site with .wav files and also to get a better quality.

Whom to pick

The battle is between Paul van der Valk (with Hybris) and Ron Klaren (with Battle Squardon), and I thinking of choosing Hybris as the first title to re-export or re-grab, because I won’t just deflate the .mp3‘s hence the quality loss.

As I run through all the posts, replacing the files, I’ve decided to only do “one-shot” and also removing jingles and sound effects (most of the files that’s less that 60 seconds).

Stay tuned.

About the MSX files


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All MSX and MSX2 files was downloaded from various sites on the internet (credited as needed) and exported to WAV file format with the ‘BlueMSX‘ emulator. WAV files was then cut to appropriate length and converted to MP3 with ‘Adobe Audition‘ at 256 kbps.