The Vikings (C64)

Commocore 64 platform

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Ben Daglish.

This game was programmed by Søren Grønbech (a.k.a Sodan) and was officially the first Danish Commodore 64 game released. Søren coded a number of demos on the Commodore 64 and later Commodore Amiga and some with rather advanced features considering the time.

The music for this game is credited Ben Daglish, but when doing the research for this game, I read the track 4 (listed as track 1 below) was in fact created by Johannes Bjerregaard and that track is a cover/remake of the goblin battle from the 1986 movie The Labyrinth.

The Vikings

Game music from ‘The Vikings’. Game was created and published in 1987 by Kele Line.

Longplay: @Youtube

Source of inspiration and material: Lemon64