Sword of Sodan (Amiga)

Commodore Amiga platform

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Julian Le Fay.

Another game, programmed by Søren Grønbech (a.k.a Sodan) and this time he used his demoscene alias in the title of the game. This game was long time in the making and only when Discovery Software reached out to Søren, he was able to complete it.

You might wonder if you have seen some of the graphics from ‘Sword of Sodan‘ elsewhere – and you may have – as the graphics in ‘Sword of Sodan‘ was created by Torben Bakager Larsen, who also did the graphics for Hybris and Battle Squadron.

The music fits the game perfectly, but it is not all that great. Good vibe though.

Sword of Sodan

Game music from ‘Sword of Sodan‘. Game was created and published in 1989 by Discovery Software.

Longplay: @Youtube

Source of inspiration and material: LemonAmiga & Wikipedia