Editor – My Samples (Amiga)

Commodore Amiga platform

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Peter Andersen and Thomas Canell.


This is an article I have postponed for a very long time. I’ve been back and forth, many times, weather or not to do this, but finally I decided that I had to do this.

This first score is yet another Aegis Sonix original score by Peter A. and me, but later I converted it to Editor and then mixed it up real good – and this is what this is about.

Important: Unfortunately this is only the “after” picture – so to speak. During my “retro hours” this summer, I did find the original Aegis Sonix music score, but most of the samples used was long gone and therefor I have no “before” picture

Also, all music files, file was exported on my Commodore Amiga 2000 almost 10 years ago, as a part of a video project, when my floppy disks still was working

This track was our attempt to make a ‘Beat Dis‘ by Bomb the Bass.

About the tune

This track, is the only track that contains a real tune, played with a synth sound. The tune was composed by Peter A. as “This is my generation” – a completely different song. We decided to use it in this track to give it some soul!

The only parts left from the original Aegis Sonix score is the beginning of the score and the tune itself – the rest I made up during the conversion.


The track consists of samples ripped from various games and tunes on the Commodore Amiga at that time (1990-1992) and of course also parts taken from various popular artists of that time. I remember we ripped samples from games like; Bobo by Infogrames, Star Trek by Twisted Images, Barbarian by Palace Software just to name a few – there might me more.


An acquaintance, thought that the music we listened to Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Art of Noise, D.A.F, Moskwa TV and so on, was a bit Pling Plang cykelhjul (a rough translation would be Kling Klong bicycle wheel) – and if you know the song Blasphemous Rumors by Depeche Mode, you know why this became the name of this track.

This track was that “one thing” that made me enter my sample era (City Slickers)

My sample era

For some reason, I became obsessed with creating tracks put together by small sample bits from artists and games. I could go all day long at work, just thinking of new ways to put the small part together so they would give new meaning or get new life.

Below are some of my all-sample-tracks, that I’ve made during this era that I’m not that ashamed of publishing.

The “sample era” was my last era regarding computer music – until the project Ymer arrived.