Sonix – The originals III (Amiga)

Commodore Amiga platform

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Peter Andersen.

Aegis Sonix article, part III

Moving on

Next set of Sonix tunes, also made in Aegis Sonix by Peter A, consists of one original score and two covers/remakes;

Andersen - Talk Trash

Disclaimer: Some samples/sounds may not be 100% original as I don’t hold a copy of Peter A’s original Sonix instruments disks and therefore I may have replaced or recreated some sounds – as lousy a sound-designer as I am

All songs are using – at that time – brand new samples from various popular artists and I even think that the hi-hat in ‘Talk Trash’ was ripped from one of David Whittaker‘s many Amiga game tracks.

The track ‘Popcorn‘ was named ST-PoPcOrN, on the floppy, for reasons I cannot remember. But again, more than this track was “written” in a funny way.

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