Oil Imperium (Amiga)

Commodore Amiga platform

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Karsten Obarski.

This was a completely unknown game to me – never seen it before – until I stumbled over some old music files on my hard drive, created by Karsten Obarski a long time ago, and then doing some research on the LemonAmiga website, found that these belonged to the game ‘Oil Imperium‘.

This has a “Ports of Call” vibe, but is even better, as it has music by Karsten Obarski.

Oil Imperium

Game music from ‘Oil Imperium‘ a.k.a Glack Gold. Game was made by reLINE Software and released in 1989 by reLINE Software.

Source of inspiration and material: Wikipedia & LemonAmiga