After e-mailing with a very good friend, regarding some great artwork on this webpage (henryk.dk) this weekend, I suggested, that he should add scanned images of his artwork instead of photos taken with a mobile phone, to give the “reader” the best possible experience.

Saturday morning I thought, if you ask him to do this, why don’t you do this yourself (me)?

I then went into my archive (read: a plastic bag, in a plastic box, on a high shelf in my room), where I found this stuff.

Please remember, I was juvenile, stupid and had no girlfriend and therefore some of the drawings may be a bit rude in their wording – I was 16-17 at that time.

I haven’t drawn everything, but I credited/commented where needed.

I think I have another batch of drawing in the archive somewhere, from a earlier period that this. I will try to locate them at a later date.