Philips D8734/05 Double Soundmachine

It has been a lifelong dream to, one day, own a Philips D8734. I remember myself standing outside the local radio store, with a flat nose pressed against the store window and drooling at the sight of this piece of marvelous electronic achievement.

After 20 or more years, I finally got one for myself. I got it on eBay in England back in 2010. When it arrived, I cleaned it good and tugged it away in my basement.

A couple of months ago I got into retro-mode – again – and took out the Philips D8734 and all my old-school tapes, and started to transfer them all to the computer. It was mostly recordings from a long gone Danish radio show, Radio Falcon, dated back to 1993-1995 – the pioneers of trance music in Denmark.