Retro computing

Back in the 80s I had a Commodore Amiga 500 with 512mb memory expansion (A501), an additional noname 3 ½” floppy drive (eq. 1011) and the Commodore 1084s Monitor, which have been tucked away until now, down in my “basement” (aka John’s room).

After a small expedition to the “basement”, to look for my old equipment, I saw to my dismay, that the (Amiga 500) in the meantime had become a Commodore Amiga 600, after being loaned to my little brother.

This meeting with the past, threw me into a retro period, a time warp some would call it, which has meant that it has been necessary for me to acquire, several effects of the past. Therefore, I have been on a small shopping spree on the web …

Important: When you shop online, “good condition” (seller) and “good condition” (buyer) may not be at all close.