Amiga 1000

Finally. After searching for years, I, at long last got hold of an Commodore Amiga 1000. It is a dream coming true.

It is almost in mint condition, considering that it’s close to 30 years old, and still in perfect working order.

But why?

In my mind, this is the only true Commodore Amiga. Even considering all its flaws and the fact that the only way to get it going is to boot the kickstart first – this is still close to perfection.

As a kid, I never owned the Amiga 1000 myself, but I knew a guy whom had it. How I wished that it was me. The look of the Amiga 1000 was so cool. And the way the keyboard was tucked away under the computer itself. Those Commodore guys really knew what they was doing.

I remember dreaming, that me and my friends making music using the Commodore system, and the touring the World with the Amiga 1000 on stage. Back then it seemed cool.

Now I own a Commodore Amiga 1000 – 30 years later … but not a day older.

– from Peter Jensen