Sonix – The originals II (Amiga)

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Aegis Sonix article, part II

Sonix scores

And now to the good stuff. On my own set of Sonix floppy disk‘s I’ve found a few original Peter A scores. Below, find some of the first three scores, he made, that had some potential.

Andersen - Conditions

Disclaimer: Some samples/sounds may not be 100% original as I don’t hold a copy of Peter A’s original Sonix instruments disks and therefore I may have replaced or recreated some sounds – as lousy a sound-designer as I am

The track ‘This is my generation’ was to my recollection, named after a ‘The Who‘ song, of almost the same name: ‘My generation‘.

The main tune from ‘This is my generation’ was also used in a collaboration, between Peter A and me, called ‘Pling plang cykelhjul’. I hope that somehow, it will be possible to resurrect that track in the future. At the moment, many of the samples has “gone bad” due to floppy deterioration.

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