Soundtracker Infection (Amiga)

Commodore Amiga platform

I finally found it!

I saw this image and heard the music at a distant friend’s house many years ago. I didn’t know the name of this demo or music disk, BUT I do remember this image and also that the music was by SLL.

Some of the songs are already known, so they are not included here (the Super Action series). Regarding the ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Powergame’ tunes, they wasn’t available online, but one I had one in my archive and the other I found on another site, and I do hope they are the correct versions.

Soundtracker Infection 1

There is one thing that strikes me as odd, though. The ‘Axel F‘ mix is only 23 seconds long and I cannot seem to find a “longer” version anywhere! I will keep searching …

Source of inspiration and material: Exotica & Art Scene