Doctor Who?

Back in the 80s, one of the only good television program on Danish television were the weekly Doctor Who episode. After 30 year I still remember two episodes very clearly.

The Ark in Space

I believe that I was around 8 years old, when I first saw The Ark in Space. One thing that still stands very clear in my mind, is a giant insect that jumps out of a closet. I was ready to die at that point. I believe that I wasn’t able to sleep for a week after that episode! Man, it was scary.

Another thing that is still very clear in my mind is that a guy gets infected, on his arm with some green stuff and it slowly take over his body. Back then, I thought that the green stuff was for real, and I was scared as hell – this resulting in another sleepless week.

I watched the show a month or two ago, and now I know, that the green stuff on his arm, was made of green bubble wrap and plastic. And the giant insect was made of rubber and foam!

The Android Invasion

I cannot remember any of the story line, only that there were robots/androids there were able to shoot from their index finger. I thought that is was so cool, and wished that I could do that.

And then

Both episode was of course with the 4th doctor, brilliantly played by Tom Baker (He is the one with the ridiculous long scarf). His almost absent appearance was so brilliant. And all the while the situation became more and more unmanageable, he had it all under control.

I’ve, until recently, only been interested in the classic series, with the 4th doctor, but I must admit that the “newer” doctor, the 11th doctor, played by Matt Smith is quite good. The 11th doctor, is the one with the bowtie – And Yes, bowties are cool.

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