MasterPlayer is a Adlib and OPL3 music and sound editor for the PC, created by my good friend Peter Jørgensen (aka FedePede04) back around 1994 – 1997. I only contributed to the program with some “character-graphics”, that was created with the ANSI/ASCII text-editor program ‘TheDraw‘.

My work

Most of my songs made in MasterPlayer was remakes of the old ‘Editor’ scores from Commodore Amiga. Most of the converted songs has been converted as-is, like on an assembly line, so none of the mood or feeling from the original song has been “converted” to.

Most of my songs made in ‘MasterPlayer’ was remakes of the old ‘Editor’ scores from Commodore Amiga. Most of the converted songs has been batch converted, almost all in one week. The original songs all contained samples that was standard on the Commodore Amiga – but not in ‘MasterPlayer’. This all meaning that I haven’t been able to transfer the mood nor the feeling from the original song to the new song.

Thou I did produce some new songs in MasterPlayer, but I don’t think that any of these are in a state to publish yet. As always I’m not a chiptune-sound-making-kind-of-guy, I only do the score.

Someday I might upload some of the original Commodore Amiga ‘Editor’ songs, otherwise you’ll have to visit my YouTube channel to get hold of those.

Original Amiga recordings: @YouTube

The PC way


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The next logical step, after all the music from the old-skool 8-bit platform of Commodore 64 and the 16-bit platforms of Atari ST and Amiga, is the 32-bit and now 64-bit, PC platform. This was many years before integrated, standardized soundcards in Microsoft … Continue reading

Do-it-your-self MasterPlayer

It is possible to download the MasterPlayer for your PC, and thus travel back to a simpler time.

BUT since Microsoft Windows is aiming for world domination, and leaving the old DOS behind, you have to run MasterPlayer through DOSBox.

Facts: MasterPlayer was created/coded by Peter Jørgensen in the years 1994-1997 in a small apartment in Rødovre, Denmark, while a large number of pizza No.29 from ‘Langshusets Pizzaria’ was consumed.

All you need is:

  • DOSbox – DOS emulator
  • MasterPlayer, Lite (July 2011) – MasterPlayer incl. ‘Blinded by You (2009)’, ‘Ascertain (2009)’, ‘All up to You (2011)’, ‘Out 4 You (2011)’, a few sounds from ‘Out for You’ and a short manual
  • MasterPlayer, Full (March 2011) – MasterPlayer incl. manual, scores and sounds

Just install DOSbox, download the wanted MasterPlayer, unpack the downloaded ZIP file and you are ready to go!

Onboard the PC #2


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Masterplayer is an Adlib and OPL3 music and sound editor for the PC. Masterplayer is far more advanced than “our” former players on both Atari ST and Amiga. And with 9 channels in the good old fashioned computer chiptune quality. Masterplayer, is like … Continue reading