Lizardking #2

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking).

I went through some of my old data on my storage unit, this morning, and I found some of my old downloads from back in 1992-1995. This also being the reason that I don’t know the source of inspiration.

Back then I had the habit of hunting down and downloading every single file I could get my hands on, by relevant topic of course – And well, I still do that today.

|titles=World of Dragons,World of Mages,World of Unicorns]

I especially like the “World of Unicorns” song. It’s not everyday, a song this emotional from the “King of Doskpop”

These three new songs are all dated 1994-1995. I think that Gustaf Grefberg, had a theme going on there, hence the “World of” naming.

Downloads: World of Dragons, World of Mages & World of Unicorns


Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking).

Lizardking started, as almost all others, on the Commodore 64. At some point in time he went, from the 8- and 16-bit home computers, to the 32 bit personal computer (PC).

I’ve never heard the stuff he made before the PC, so that will not be included here. Most of the music tracks I’ve got from Lizardking is in the XM file format, which is from the Fasttracker 2.

I have enclosed two numbers of Lizardking, which, originally, is in the XM format. The first track ‘Claustrophobia’ is super cool and characterize the ‘Doskpop’ style, as he called it, and number two ‘Longstabben’ which is a fairly track. [audio:,|titles=Claustrophobia,Longstabben]

Downloads: Claustrophobia & Longstabben

Source of inspiration and material: Scene & Wikipedia