Various Artists – Servant & Re-Mastermix (Remix)

The completed re-worked Servant and Mastermix now called Servant and Re-Mastermix.

I have now discovered that the original Servant and Mastermix was made by MegaMiXers. In the Links section further below, I have supplied some relevant links.


To get an clear idea of what was done and how it was supposed to sound, I have added the sound bids for both the original mix and the new mix, in the table below.



Original mix

New mix


1 Get The Balance Right Play Play Percussions
2 Goodbye 70’s Play Play Fashion War echo


Get your own copy, today!

If your desire your own copy of Servant and Re-Mastermix and a cover to go along, you can download the track by right-click the player and get the cover right below:


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