Kraftwerk – Electronischer welt (Remix)

For many years now, I thought that this mix was a lost cause. I still had the original Acid Pro project file of the mix, but I no longer had the Sonic Foundry Acid Pro software, nor a computer with the appropriate operating system (Windows 2000/XP) to run it.

But – the other day I struck luck, and found Acid Pro again, now owned by Sony Creative Software. Now I have made a new audio file, and it’s available on this page.

This homemade Kraftwerk mix was made in the sometime before the year 2000, of several Kraftwerk tracks, including: Boing Boom Tschak, Computerwelt, Die Roboter, Electric Cafe, Heimcomputer, It’s more fun to Compute, Metal on Metal, Musique non Stop, Radioactivit, Sex Object, Techno Pop, Telephone Call and The Model.

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