Kraftwerk – Digital welt (Remix)

The re-worked version of Electronischer welt – now, in a crisp brand-new digital version – called Digital welt (German version).


I’ve listened this remix through a few thousand times, and every time I was a bit annoyed. There were a few parts that I wasn’t completely satisfied with, so I’ve updated the remix, and this is now release 8.


Back in 1999 I made a Kraftwerk remix that I’m very proud of. I don’t know what anybody else thinks of it, but I like it – a lot. It contains a some of the best Kraftwerk tracks ever made.

The music parts were taken various sources and I’m not sure of the quality of all the tracks, but when I listen to the parts today, I’m positive that I can hear click, hiss and pops like on a old vinyl record.

At the time that I created the remix, there were a few sound bids that I wanted to change, but I never got around to change them and I didn’t have access to them through my own music collection. So I released the remix as it was. Among the changes that I wanted to do, I wanted to replace the cymbal with a zap-sound and the background beat was to be more Kraftwerk and less “dance”.


A month or two ago, I got interested in the Digital Remastered Kraftwerk albums; ‘The Catalogue’ and ‘Der Katalog’ – that contain all Kraftwerk’s “true” albums. Around the same time, I got the idea that I ought to remake my old Kraftwerk remix, as I did the old Depeche Mode Servant and Mastermix originally created by MegaMiXers. With these remastered versions of the Kraftwerk albums, I would be able to make a digital crisp version of the old remix – and so I did.

Along remaking the remix, I also wanted to do an all-German and all-English version and maybe a cross language version. This will of course mean more work, but also more fun!


As I, at the moment, only have been able to get a hold of the German version – Der Katalog – It’s only the German version of the remix that is available.


Here a few noticeable changes:

  • No pan effects
  • Only Kraftwerk sounds
  • Removed some “misplaced” sound parts
  • More tight cuts less long slow transitions


Get your own copy, today!

If your desire your own copy of Digital welt (German version), download from right-click player above a get the cover, below, to go along

Download: Cover

Hope you enjoy it, happy listening

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