20th Year Anniversary :: 15 Minutes of fun

This December, it will be 20 years since, I sat in ‘John’s room’ creating the ‘Christmas Party mix’ a.k.a ‘15 Minutes of fun in 1999‘.


For a while, I’ve had the idea to replace all the .mp3 music on this page with .wav, just to get a better quality, even nobody would care or can tell the difference. Well, it’s also to use up all of my space on my site, now that I’m paying for it anyway.

I’ve already started a while back, and at this point I’m almost done and only few tracks remains. This is mainly because I don’t have access to the original files anymore or have lost them, while “living”.


The last 20%, of any job, is always the hardest, and one of the tough categories: Remix, had been avoided – and with good reason. Most of the remix project-files are still on my hard-drive, but the project-file itself, contains the original path to each sound clip, so when a project is opened, it asks for a path to each individual sound clip. And most of the remix projects contains 100+ files … so this is a heavy task.

But in order to create a new .wav file for this site, I had to get to work. This Wednesday I opened the Christmas Party mix and “went to work” and yesterday, I was done. While working on the “refurbish”, I disabled the “rhythm section” (8 tracks of additional loops and drums) and went through the mix a number of times, changed the order of some of the sound clips and loading new sound files, that I left out 20 years ago. Finally I’ve replaces the rhythm section and did a thorough cleanup, simplifying the backing track.

You may notice that the start with ‘Barbie Girl’ had changed a bit, and also the parts with ‘Kaydee Project’ and ‘Scooter’, ‘Age of love’ and ‘Eiffel 65’, but only the few will notice the change in the Toy-Box section – to highlight a few.


I believe the original mix, was done in about 10 hours and this new version has 20+ hours of work done to it.

New mix name

Every Friday on Radio100 (DK), there is a program called ‘Total 90’er’, and in the spirit of that program, I’ve renamed the mix to: “15 minutes of fun in 1999 (Total Bubblegum mix)”.

I’m not sure that the new version is an improvement or is better, but I had a great time the last four days, getting back in time, and I’ve made plans for some new 90’s mixes.


The “Solo” version is the final 2019 version without the rhythm section, so there is a part in the ‘Eiffel 65’ section there is a bit quiet.

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