Instant Remedy

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Martin Noriander (Instant Remedy).

I have stumbled upon a guy, whom understand my point of view (continued from here), when he makes a cover, tribute or remix of a well known song.

I’ve gathered a number of Martin Noriander songs, which also are available on CD and download from C64Audio (Go directly to the item here). I recommend you get your own copy – It’s excellent.

Among the songs you’ll find:

All the songs dates back around year 2000, but they still fit the sound of today.

I think that Martin Noriander (Instant Remedy) has made some of the best C64 interpretations and I consider his work to be some of my favorite C64 music, except of the original of course!

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Source of inspiration and material: Remix64 & Remix KWED