A story of Tracking

Ever since my first, very own, Commodore Amiga 500 home computer (although I much rather would have an Amiga 1000), music has been a big part of my life.

It all started with Deluxe Music Construction set and Aegis Sonix, and then beyond to the first tracker systems (Ultimate SoundTracker or just SoundTracker) created by Karsten Obarski, later modificeret by D.O.C and a lot of other people, right up to ProTracker.

SoundTracker on Commodore Amiga, by Karsten Obarski
(‘Ralley Master’ and ‘Amegas’ by Karsten Obarski)

But when we, Peter A, Lars and I, rather would play around with FM sound, we had to develop the music program our self – which eventually became the ‘Editor’. The Editor had besides synth sound (via PCM) also sample support.

Lars wrote 99% of the code for the program in Seka Assembler and later ASM-One. The GUI (or graphics) was mostly created by Peter A, and I made the mouse pointer (and maybe some minor GUI work).