Philips D8534/05 Stereo Compo Soundmachine

Another search on eBay for some old Philips equipment turned out to be an true eye opener. This was the first time I ever saw this machine – I didn’t know that Philips ever made them in black.

The 8554/05 Stereo Compo Soundmachine – A red and black version of the D8534/00 – the blue and silver version.

Apart from the color, they are identical.

If I didn’t know better, I would not believe that this radio is almost 30 years old. And a lot has happened in those 30 years. Back in the 80’s we dragged a monster like this around in order to listen to music on the go – but whom in their right mind, would carry a big pile of electronics, like this, around today? Today everything is integrated into the phone … all in one-wonder.

Note: I cleaned this a few months ago, but it may not look like it on the pictures. This is maybe the only drawback with a black/dark radio

from England