Nintendo 64 console

Not all the great consoles are from the 1980s. In fact, two of the greatest consoles are from the 1990s. This is of curse the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) which emerged in 1992 and the great Nintendo 64 (N64) that was released in 1997.

The controller for the Nintendo 64 was in a brand new ergonomic-space-age design and was available in a variety of bright colors. The controller was fitted with the well-known D-Pad and the newly added left and right shoulder buttons from the Super Nintendo. And more buttons was added, a blue A button a green B button and four yellow C buttons. Also a new analog stick was added and a new trigger button at the button of the controller.

The cartridge slot was still the only way to load games but the Nintendo 64 was also the last in line of Nintendo console systems to have that.

Another powerful new feature, was the ability to natively connect up to four controllers, so now the old-school two-player-only days was over.


With the Nintendo 64, a lot of old Nintendo classics – licensed and unlicensed – was released in a “64” version along with some ports from other platforms:

Previously Nintendo releases

Ported titles

This particular Nintendo 64 console was originally a Christmas present, I gave back in 1997-1998 but last year I got it back again.

– From Sarah