Donkey Kong – DK-52 (Game & Watch)

I’ve got my hands on a 30 year old Nintendo game console, a DK-52 a.k.a Donkey Kong. It is, by my definition, the crown jewel of all Nintendo Game & Watch games ever made.

It works pretty well for a 30 year old game. Navigation button is not as responsive as when it was new, but it is possible to play the game. And the sound is just as I remembered it. The best part of the sound is when the game is finished – it’s just so 80s like.

The cleaning

The old console was a bit dirty and therefore it was necessary to make it clean. There was old tape on the front and back of the lid, and there was some dirt and grime in the clefts of the game. With the help of a little water, a cloth and about an hour of work, was the console quite well again.

I’ve attached some before (above) / after (below) pictures, and it is perhaps possible to see the difference.

– from Amazon