Sound Sampler (Amiga)

This is a homemade sampler, or audio digitiser, for the Amiga 500, i believe. I got it from a very good friend of mine, earlier this year.

I believe that this was made many years ago, and maybe even from a standard kit, that you could buy in an electronic store.

The Amiga was able to produce sound in four hardware-mixed channels (two left and two right), of 8-bit PCM at a sampling frequency of up to 28 kHz.

With a sampler it was possible to make your own recordings/sounds and use the in your work. For the actual sampling and processing of the sounddata, there was a wide range of software. I used the Aegis AudioMaster II and later III, to process my samples on the Amiga, before importing the samples into ‘Editor’.

I believe that the Aegis AudioMaster 3 (or AudioMaster III) software also came with a hardware sampler.

– from Henryk