Commodore 64

For some time, NH has been looking for his old Commodore 64 computer in his basement, but without any success. He wanted to give it a fresh new start, with a loving family, where it could be loved and taken care of, instead of being stored away in a cold cellar.

The summer of 2011, I got an email with a picture of my new familymember, and with the message, that she was now on her  way to me.

I’ve only published the ‘after’ pictures of my Commodore 64 computer, because the before / after images are almost identical. It has simply been well taken care of. I have yet to see if it still works.

The Commodore 64 is known for many things, but especially is known for its sound chip, SID (MOS 6581/8580) – which also was found in similar Commodore products.

– from Niels Henrik