Ben Daglish

I read the other day, that the music from ‘The Last Ninja‘ is the best chiptune game music – ever.

Ben Dalgish made the music to ‘The Last Ninja‘, together with Anthony Lee and ‘The Last Ninja‘ game and music gave birth to a series of games, that has grown to a cult among old-skool game-nerds. Ben Dalgish also worked together with Rob Hubbard on ‘Auf wiedersehen Monty‘.

Ben Dalgish has made music on a number of different home computer platforms, and for quite a number of games, including:

I believe that ‘The Last Ninja‘ and ‘Auf wiedersehen Monty‘ is by far best work of Ben Dalgish.

Lizardking #2

Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking).

I went through some of my old data on my storage unit, this morning, and I found some of my old downloads from back in 1992-1995. This also being the reason that I don’t know the source of inspiration.

Back then I had the habit of hunting down and downloading every single file I could get my hands on, by relevant topic of course – And well, I still do that today.

I especially like the “World of Unicorns” song. It’s not everyday, a song this emotional from the “King of Doskpop”

These three new songs are all dated 1994-1995. I think that Gustaf Grefberg, had a theme going on there, hence the “World of” naming.

Downloads: World of Dragons, World of Mages & World of Unicorns


Take a trip back in time, and listen to some of the work of Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking).

Lizardking started, as almost all others, on the Commodore 64. At some point in time he went, from the 8- and 16-bit home computers, to the 32 bit personal computer (PC).

I’ve never heard the stuff he made before the PC, so that will not be included here. Most of the music tracks I’ve got from Lizardking is in the XM file format, which is from the Fasttracker 2.

I have enclosed two numbers of Lizardking, which, originally, is in the XM format. The first track ‘Claustrophobia’ is super cool and characterize the ‘Doskpop’ style, as he called it, and number two ‘Longstabben’ which is a fairly track.

Downloads: Claustrophobia & Longstabben

Source of inspiration and material: Scene & Wikipedia

Martin Galway

The first time I heard Martin Galway was at a friends house, and he was loading some Ocean game on his Commodore 64. Bam – The Ocean logo appeared on the monitor and the music started. It was the ‘Ocean Loader‘. How great was that! I just loved the tune – and almost all the later releases from Martin Galway.

I believe that Martin Galway is one of the working forces behind the C64Audio website.

I have selected some of my favorite tunes from Martin Galway, including the ‘Ocean Loader‘, in the in the following posts.

Chris Hülsbeck

First time I heard music by Chris Hülsbeck was in the game ‘The Great Giana Sisters‘. I think most owners of an Amiga, know that game. Chris Hülsbeck was the new generation of musicians, with a completely new and exciting sound.

After ‘The Great Giana Sisters‘, Chris Hülsbeck made a whole lot of other music scores for other games, like R-Type, Turrican, X-Out & Z-Out and many many more.

Today: @Home

Source of inspiration and material: HVSC (de), Wikipedia & LemonAmiga

David Whittaker

You can’t talk about chip-music on the Amiga, without automatically talking about David Whittaker. At the peak of the Amiga, David Whittaker was everywhere. With his trademark drumkit (especially the hi-hat) and the distorted guitar – and not to mention his unique music pattern.

Though I only know him from the Amiga, David Whittaker also made music for almost all the other computer platforms, at the time.

I have selected some of my favorite tunes from David Whittaker, in the upcoming posts.

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Source of inspiration and material: Wikipedia & LemonAmiga

Karsten Obarski

I think most people got acquainted with Karsten Obarski through his music editor – the SoundTracker – and the music scores that came with it. And afterwards, a very large number of simple music- and demos discs, flooded the Amiga scene, where the music was composed with the SoundTracker or one of its successors. Doesn’t everyone remember the ‘D.O.C Musicpack‘?

I have to say, that I was completely blown away, the first time I heard Amegas, Crystal Hammer and Rallye Master.

I have selected some of my favorite tunes from Karsten Obarski, in the following posts.

Source of inspiration and material: Exotica & LemonAmiga