Kraftwerk – Digital welt (Remix)


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The re-worked version of Electronischer welt – now, in a crisp brand-new digital version – called Digital welt (German version). Update I’ve listened this remix through a few thousand times, and every time I was a bit annoyed. There were … Continue reading

Digital welt tracklist details

The tracklist from the Kraftwerk ‘Digital welt’ project, for anyone who might be interested.

Tracklist notes

# Name Album Version BPM
1 Boing Boom Tschak Electric Café LP 122
2 Electric Café Electric Café LP 122
3 Heimcomputer Computerwelt LP 120
4 Heimcomputer The Mix LP 120
5 Radio-Activität The Mix LP 120
6 Techno Pop Electric Café LP 116
7 Metall auf Metall Trans Europe Express LP 116
8 Musique Non-Stop Electric Café LP 120
9 Das Modell Die Mensch-Maschine LP 120
10 Sex Objekt Electric Café LP 122
11 Computerwelt Computerwelt LP 124
12 Die Robotter Die Mensch-Maschine LP 122

Sanity (Amiga)


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Commodore Amiga platform Sanity was a very productive group on the Amiga – from a large number of intro‘s to a bunch of demo‘s and a whole lot of other productions. I’ve selected three demo‘s that have caught my eye … Continue reading

DOC Musicdisk (Amiga)


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Commodore Amiga platform The DOC Musicdisk (a.k.a 1st Real Musicpack) was the first time I heard the product of the Ultimate SoundTracker created by Karsten Obarski. The samples provided with SoundTracker were awesome – sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard … Continue reading

Various Artists – Servant & Re-Mastermix (Remix)


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The completed re-worked Servant and Mastermix now called Servant and Re-Mastermix. I have now discovered that the original Servant and Mastermix was made by MegaMiXers. In the Links section further below, I have supplied some relevant links. Detail To get … Continue reading

Servant and Re-Mastermix project final


After a brief detour, away from the remix project, it is now done – or as done as I’ll need it to be.


As mentioned in a previous post, I only stumbled upon two minor problems:

  • At the end of the ‘Get The Balance Right‘ track, there originally is a percussions part that I haven’t been able to find. At a point I thought that ‘Why’ (Remix), by ‘Bronski Beat‘ had the last part, but that was a dead end. Finally I replaced the percussions part, with a “percussion” part from ‘Why’, by ‘Bronski Beat
  • Almost at the end of ‘Goodbye 70’s’ there is a echo of ‘Fashion War’ – the last line of the verse. I wasn’t able to reproduce this part in a satisfactory way, so this part has been omitted, unfortunately

Besides the two minor problems, the work with the remix went really smooth. There was of course all the hard work finding the correct parts of ‘Situation’ …

If I was to step back for a moment and look at the remix in detail; the first half of the remix is quite brilliant (cut/fade/overlay) but the last part is a bit dull.
It is as if, someone who really loves the music did the first part but the last part was finished by someone else – in a real hurry. And that is a shame.

Tools used

There has been used only a one or two digital effects on the track.

For your CD shelf or iTunes

To obtain your own copy of Servant and Re-Mastermix, please visit the Remix section or just click here

Servant and Re-Mastermix tracklist details

The tracklist from the ‘Servant and Re-Mastermix’ project, for anyone who might be interested.

Tracklist notes

  • 1 The percussions (@ end of Get The Balance Right) is not correct, but I wasn’t able to locate the correct artist and part – this part is replaced with a small section from Bronski Beat – Why
  • 2 Fashion War echo (@ end of Goodbye 70’s) has not been recreated







1 Depeche Mode Monument A Broken Frame LP 108
2 Yazoo State Farm In your room Extended 111
3 Yazoo Situation In your room Re-Recorded Remix/US 12″ 116
4 Depeche Mode Shout New Life Rio mix 120
5 Depeche Mode Leave In Silence A Broken Frame Quieter/Longer 120
6 Depeche Mode People are People Some Great Reward Different mix 120
7 Depeche Mode Puppets Speak and Spell LP 122
8 Depeche Mode Nodisco Speak and Spell LP 127
9 Depeche Mode (Set me Free) Remotivate Me Master and Servant Release mix 127
10 Depeche Mode Master & Servant Some Great Reward Slavery Whip mix 122
11 Yazoo Don’t Go Upstairs At Eric’s Re-mix/Re-Re mix 124
12 Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough Speak and Spell LP 125
13 Depeche Mode Get The Balance Right Get the Balance Right Combination mix 128
14 Bronski Beat Why1 The Age of Consent 12″ 128
15 Yazoo Goodbye 70’s2 Upstairs At Eric’s LP 131
16 Depeche Mode Boys Say Go Speak and Spell LP 136
17 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy The Age of Consent LP 136
18 Depeche Mode Big Muff Speak and Spell LP 136
19 Depeche Mode Photographic Speak and Spell LP 144
20 Depeche Mode New Life Speak and Spell Single 150